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Long sleeded polo shirts in plus sizes

Buy long sleeved polo shirts

Order fashionable long sleeved polo shirts at Plusman

Sporty, trendy and comfortable. Long sleeved polo shirts are comfortable to wear and they can be worn with pretty much anything because they are highly fashionable. They are perfect for a ‘causal Friday’ at work, they are comfortable to wear in your spare time during sporty outdoor activities, and even for a night out this kind of shirt adds that extra touch of class that a regular t-shirt or long sleeved shirt lacks. The long sleeved polo shirts that we offer at Plusman are available in L up to size 9XL and have a skinny fit that is tailored to provide a good fit for men with larger body frames. The seams have been reinforced to ensure durability and the shirts are manufactured from a superior quality elastic cotton which means that they will fit well even in larger sizes. With our wide range of polo shirts to choose from and the wide variety of colours, designs and features that they come in you are sure to find a long sleeved polo shirt to your liking and in your size.

Polo shirts long sleeves


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20 Item(s)