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Softshell jacket by Canson (water- and windproof)Enlarge « »

Softshell jacket by Canson (water- and windproof)

Quick Overview

Water- and windproof functional softshell jacket by Canson.

Article Number: 104613

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Attention: Plusman sizes my vary from the sizes of the brand of your choice. Therefore please always check our size charts before ordering (size chart will open in the table below the pictures)


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Thin and lightweight, but at the same time highly functional water- and windproof softshell jacket made from a neoprene elastic fabric with a kind of fleece on the inside. The fabric is breathable and wind- and waterproof. This comfortable Canson jacket has several large pockets. Ideal to wear in the mountains or in the snow.

Additional Information

Composition 95% polyester / 5% elasthane
Brand Canson
Available sizes XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL, 10XL.
Available colours Black


Follow the below procedure to get the correct size for your coat:

1- Chest: Take a coat that currently fits you well and put it stretched and fixed on a horizontal surface (e.g. a table). Measure from one side to the other (from one armpit to the other). 
2- Sleeve: Measure from the start of the shoulder to the end of the sleeve.

The most important measurement to find the correct size is the chest. In the published measurements we allow for a tolerance of +/- 1 cm/0,5 inch. The measurement of the sleeve is only to establish if it fits with your arm length.

Enter the measured chest width here to calculate your size

Size of coatChestSleeve length (regular)Sleeve length (extended)
42/S50cm / 19.69inch63cm / 24.8inch67cm / 26.38inch
4452cm / 20.47inch63cm / 24.8inch67cm / 26.38inch
46/M54cm / 21.26inch64cm / 25.2inch68cm / 26.77inch
4856cm / 22.05inch64cm / 25.2inch68cm / 26.77inch
50/L58cm / 22.83inch65cm / 25.59inch69cm / 27.17inch
5260cm / 23.62inch65cm / 25.59inch69cm / 27.17inch
54/XL62cm / 24.41inch66cm / 25.98inch70cm / 27.56inch
5664cm / 25.2inch66cm / 25.98inch70cm / 27.56inch
58/2XL66cm / 25.98inch67cm / 26.38inch71cm / 27.95inch
60/3XL68cm / 26.77inch67cm / 26.38inch71cm / 27.95inch
6270cm / 27.56inch68cm / 26.77inch72cm / 28.35inch
64/4XL72cm / 28.35inch68cm / 26.77inch72cm / 28.35inch
6674cm / 29.13inch69cm / 27.17inch73cm / 28.74inch
68/5XL76cm / 29.92inch69cm / 27.17inch73cm / 28.74inch
7078cm / 30.71inch70cm / 27.56inch74cm / 29.13inch
72/6XL80cm / 31.5inch70cm / 27.56inch74cm / 29.13inch
7482cm / 32.28inch70cm / 27.56inch74cm / 29.13inch
76/7XL84cm / 33.07inch71cm / 27.95inch75cm / 29.53inch
7886cm / 33.86inch71cm / 27.95inch75cm / 29.53inch
80/8XL88cm / 34.65inch71cm / 27.95inch75cm / 29.53inch
8290cm / 35.43inch71cm / 27.95inch75cm / 29.53inch
84/9XL92cm / 36.22inch72cm / 28.35inch76cm / 29.92inch
8694cm / 37.01inch72cm / 28.35inch76cm / 29.92inch
88/10XL96cm / 37.8inch72cm / 28.35inch76cm / 29.92inch

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