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Shipping your package

We use DHL to deliver your package within the UK or Ireland. Shipment charges are € 9,95, but any order above a value of € 150 will be shipped free of charge anywhere within the UK or Ireland.  Free shipment untill 30th of April within UK and Ireland!

It is of course also possible to ship your package abroad. The overview below lists the European countries that we are currently shipping to and what the delivery charges are. A purchase of over € 150 qualifies for a € 10 discount on the delivery charges (in many cases this means the delivery will be free of charge).


If you live outside the European Union it is possible that the local authorities will charge import duties on your shipment. Where this is the case it will be at your own expense.

Delivery and tracking your order.
If you order before 3pm (GMT), your package will be shipped on the same day*, subject to availability of each item (indicated once items have been selected). Following the shipment of the package you will receive a link to the DHL website, where you can trace your order. The exact delivery time depends on the destination, but it will take an approximate 2-3 days for the package to reach you.

*if you order on the weekend your order will be shipped on the following Monday.

Our packages are always sealed using our own "Plusman" sealing tape. This ensures that the package has not been tampered with. If you receive a damaged package please contact us. 

In the below table you find the overview of all countries we ship to and the delivery charges (€ 10 discount for all orders above € 150 order value):

Country Delivery charges Delivery charge (order amount > € 150)
Austria € 12.50  € 2.50
Belgium € 9.95  Free delivery
Czech Republic € 15.00  € 5
Denmark € 12.50  € 2.50
Estonia  € 22.00  € 12
Finland  € 15.00  € 5
France  € 9.95  Free delivery
Germany € 9.95  Free delivery
 Ireland  € 9.95  Free delivery
 Latvia  € 22.00  € 12
 Lithuania  € 22.00  € 12
 Luxembourg  € 12.50  € 2.50
Netherlands € 9.95  Free delivery
 Poland  € 12.50  € 2.50
 Slovakia  € 15.00  € 5
 Sweden  € 15.00  € 5
 United Kindom  € 9.95  Free delivery