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Size charts at Plusman Big & Tall

Please note: Unfortunately, plus size brands and manufacturers do not use identical size charts. This means that indications of length, girth etc. may vary from one supplier to the next. One brand’s size 4XL may be another brand’s size 5XL and this is very confusing if you wear clothes by different brands.

The objective at Plusman Big & Tall Ireland is to provide this uniformity, so that with us you can always order the same size and you will not have to wonder whether the clothes of this or that brand have a bigger or a smaller fit.  For that reason we have adjusted the size that is indicated with each item. You may receive an item that indicates a size 4XL on the label, while the tag says 5XL. The size on the tag is the size that was adjusted by us, and is the size you ordered. We checked the dimensions on all these items and because if this adjustment the actual dimensions of the item are more in line with the sizes that we published in the size charts below. This way, you will always have the same size at Plusman, no matter what size chart any particular brand applies. 

We advise you not to choose the size you usually take, but to carefully study the size charts below and choose your size accordingly. By doing this you will always have the same size in a given item at Plusman Big & Tall Ireland, regardless of the brand you buy.  

If you would like more information about this, please feel free to contact us.

Size table Bermudas and shorts

Size chart casual trousers

Size chart casual trousers with extra long legs

Size chart jackets

Size chart Jacks

Size chart coats

Size charts Suits

Size charts for underwear

Size chart shirts

Size chart shirts with extra long sleeves

Size chart polos

Size chart Pullover and sweatshirts (also for tall sizes)

Size chart for Pyjamas and nightwear

Size chart belts

Size chart T-Shirt